Post-Annual Conference Reflections


Dear friends in Christ,

Less than two weeks ago we adjourned the most recent session of the Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference. I want to commend you for on a job well done. We covered a lot of territory and did so with remarkable grace and good humor. Many of the ingredients that constitute good conferencing were there. As well the content was high in so many ways as we worshiped, thought, listened, debated, elected and celebrated. The atmosphere was saturated with grace and hospitality. We deepened our life together.
An Annual Conference session often has a few glitches. Some of these are in our control and some beyond it. You can be sure we a had a few modest ones this year. I can report to you that already our outstanding staff and key volunteers who work on the Annual Conference session are at work debriefing, evaluating, receiving helpful inputs and working on resolving problems and planning for a great session in 2012. Thanks for your helpful feedback. It is important.
I always leave Annual Conference trying to sort and prioritize the work that lies ahead in light of the mission and the most recent relevant actions of the conference. I frankly find this post-conference time exciting and exhilarating. It is energizing. A lot of that energy comes from your positive engagement of the mission. Conferencing apparently stirs many of us to think creatively about the future. This year is no exception. In the days following conference this year I have been inspired by those of you who have made contact to talk about your creative stirrings for ministry in our conference. These stirrings cover a wide territory from expanded opportunities for spiritual formation to deepening our partnership with Liberia and lots in between. And I say why not?
You’ll be hearing more about directions put forth at Annual Conference. But in the meantime know that this year will be a momentum year in alignment, alignment, alignment. Are we aligned in every possible way as an Annual Conference to fully engage the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world? Join me in doing all that it takes to be able to shout YES!
Be encouraged in Christ Jesus,
Gregory V. Palmer