'We've Lost Something We Won't Get Back'


Dear friends in Christ Jesus:

Steve Jobs and Rev. Fred ShuttlesworthOn Wednesday, Oct. 5, there were two deaths of famous people that changed our life. I was struck by both. Those deaths of famous people whose lives were within hours of each other -- Steve Jobs and Fred Shuttlesworth.
One a California whiz kid, tech giant and the other a pastor and civil rights leader. Both rightfully laid claim to the label "co-founder." One co-founded Apple Computer and the other the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). Both were visionaries. They each saw a world others could not see. Each labored to bring vision to reality. They both succeeded. The world changed as a result of their vision , genius, creativity and determination
Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer, said on the occasion of the death of his friend and Apple co-founder,  "we've lost something we won't get back".  He is right. And his insight applies not only to Steve Jobs, his friend and business partner. It applies also to Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth. For that matter it applies to every one who has lived. One could say that what we all share in common is that we are each unique creations of God. And I might add we should be. At one and the same time we are both alike and un-alike. Thanks be to God for both realities.
"We've lost something we won't get back."
None of us will taste the grief of the loss of Jobs and Shuttlesworth as their families and close personal friends will. This is true no matter how connected we feel to them and their legacies. Beyond the intimate grieving of a family and circle of friends the tender quote of Mr. Wozniak ought to haunt us. He is right what we have lost "we won't get back."
But each one of us is called every day to be every bit the visionaries they were. Ours must be a vision of a new world in which peace, justice, inclusion, and abundance reign because violence, oppression, injustice and scarcity have been put to flight by the work that brings the vision to reality.
Jobs and Shuttlesworth have completed their earthly course. We're still on duty. God will use us beyond our wildest imaginations to see and assist God to bring to pass God's new world. But first we've got to see the new world.
Your servant in Christ,
Gregory Vaughn Palmer