A Long Trip to Ganta


We started the day off easy, we slept in and then went off to the bishop’s house while we waited for everything to be ready for our journey to Ganta. Our adventure began as we set out. We went to New Hope UMC in Monrovia and witnessed them dedicating the opening of their new church building. This was a structure that had half of the concrete flooring poured and no plater on the brick walls but the building could house worship now and the people were excited to begin. Bishop Palmer spoke of the way he would have hope of the church in America could learn to serve the Lord with things that are not yet perfect.

We then set out for Ganta and the long rough road. We had a radiator overheat and that shut us down for a short time. From there we got many Miles out but had a breakdown of our driveshaft on the van. We have taken refuge in the local Lutheran church, the Zeanzue Kolila area. This morning I posted that in Psalm 66 we read of Gods goodness and I am reassured of that as together we experience the hospitality of strangers while we wait for a new ride this evening. Truly God is great and we are on a great adventure for our God.

As a note, I wrote the last bit before we got into Camphor. We made it here tonight a little after midnight and are about to call it a night. God truly was at work through all of this, great things he has done.