The Value of a Dollar


By Brittanie Wilczak
Field Coordinator, IGRC Imagine No Malaria campaign

What can you get with a dollar a day?

Not much.

You can buy a soda, something off of the dollar menu at McDonald's or something at the dollar store. Nowadays, you can't even buy a cup of coffee with a dollar.

What if I told you that you could save lives? What if I told you that you could save 100 lives with less than a dollar a day?

It certainly seems a lot more valuable than a can of soda, doesn't it?

For $28 a month, less than a dollar a day, YOU can impact 100 lives.

Impact 100 is the quickest way for individuals and churches to maximize the amount of lives saved through Imagine No Malaria.

Churches and individuals across the connection have already begun participating in Impact 100. I encourage you do several things. First, consider the success of other churches and individuals across the connection. Since activity has only just begun here in Illinois Great Rivers Conference, the connection-wide successes from other conferences are meant to serve as encouragement and vision for your individual and church-wide goals.

Second, consider how many lives as a church, and as an individual, you can save. Individuals and churches who set goals are much more likely to maximize their impact, because they have a vision for activity and an investment in impacting lives.

I leave you with the following two questions:

  • How many lives can YOUimpact?
  • How many lives can YOUR CHURCH impact?