A Prayer for an AIDS-Free World


 Dear ones in Christ Jesus:

World AIDS Day logoI greet you in the strong name of Jesus in these early days of Advent as together we live in anticipation of the awesome newness that Jesus and the gospel offer us. Today is World AIDS Day. I trust that you have found some way today to reflect, pray and work toward a world free of HIV/AIDS and the stigma and judgment that so often accompanies it. I tweeted early today that I was grateful for the progress (medical, attitudinal, spiritual) that has been made in the last 30 years. I am also abundantly aware how far there is to go. But I am confident that we have enormous capacity in the church and other institutions to participate in this healing journey.

Every step forward will involve truthfulness, acknowledgement, compassion, courage, technical and financial resources. So please join me in wide eyed prayer and action. Below are a few resources to stimulate your thinking and encourage you to engage and act. I remain,

Yours in the name of the healer from Nazareth,

Gregory Vaughn Palmer
Resident Bishop

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