Statement on Tucson Shooting


Beloved in Christ Jesus:

As I moved through last week into this week my mind and spirit would pause at anumber of places for prayer and reflection. Among those prayer posts were the loss and grief in Petersburg Illinois from the tornado, the start of a new session of the U.S. Congress, the myriad of challenges here in the State of Illinois including but not limited to the terrible budget defecit, the debates about th expansion of gambling, and the death penalty. As I prayed ahead so to speak I began to connect more intentionally and intensely with the devastation and recovery in Haiti, anticipated afresh personal and communal reflections on the life, ministry and legacy of the Martin Luther King, Jr. This is by no means an exhaustive list though it might be exhausting.

Now added to the matters that you and I are called to give prayerful attention to is the tragic shootings on Saturday in Tucson. Once again families, a community, a nation has been victimized by senseless violence. I don't need to know motive or cause to name it as senseless. Please know that my heart joins yours in praying for the deceased and their families, the injured and their families, the Tuscon community, the alleged perpetrator, and the nation. As we pray for healing, hope and peace let us stretch out prostrate before our maker and ask that the risen Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit might make each of us and all of us incarnate answers to our prayers.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Gregory Vaughn Palmer