An abundance of thanks


Dear Friends in Christ:

1.       Once again I want to thank you for your stellar performance in connectional giving. Apportionments came in at 93.16 percent. Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity. So much great ministry in IGRC and beyond is enabled by your giving. Most of all you continue to give yourself away in the name of Jesus Christ to a hurting world.
2.       Thanks for how you have taken on the opportunity of the weekly Dashboard. Let’s learn from one another. Let’s learn together about what these markers tell us. Watch as we adapt and add other markers.
3.       It’s appointment season. In reality, the work that enables effective appointment making to happen is going on throughout the year. District Superintendents, SPRC’s and pastors are all to be commended for your faithfulness in keeping the mission uppermost in our unique system of leadership deployment.
4.       Our partnership with our colleagues in Liberia continues to grow and gain strength. I have held in prayer the several teams that have gone to Liberia in just this calendar year. On Feb. 5, I, too, will sojourn to Liberia for their Annual Conference. I will be a part of a group that includes recent ordinands, two District Superintendents and staff from the Communications Team. You’ll be hearing from us. We are excited about this ministry engagement.
5.       I could not be more pleased with our embrace of Imagine No Malaria. Other pages in this issue of The Current bring you up to date.
6.       On Ash Wednesday a daily electronic devotional for each day of Lent will launch via email and web posting. Devotionals will be prepared by members of the IGRC community. Watch for more. I pray it will be a blessing to you and to us all.
Faithfully in Christ,
Gregory V. Palmer