A Theology of Hope


As I said in my first tweet from Liberia, after some delays, modest inconveniences in travel and on-the-road mechanical disruptions, we are here safe and sound. Hospitality is pouring over us. there is an instinct that wants to say "oh no". Better judgment tells us to say "Thank You".

It was well worth the trip. Already we have witnessed the incarnation of a theology of hope in the midst of dire deprivation by any standard much less what we are used too. But the United Methodist Church here preaches, sings and practices hope. Churches, schools and medical centers are being built. The gospel is being preached, eager minds are learning and broken bodies are being healed. You my friends in the IGRC are a huge part of that story. Your love and imprint are everywhere we go. You are in ministry here as well as in your local communities.
Thank you for being a conference and local churches that are making a difference on purpose.