Stretching Your Healthcare Dollar


With all the changes in the health insurance environment, this is a good time to remember other resources that are available to us.  For example, our Conference Pastoral Care and Counseling (and Preacher’s Aid) have made a Clergy Assistance Program available to our active and retired clergy families. 

This could be a helpful resource during this time of transition.  The Clergy Assistance Program includes some important benefits for clergy, spouses and dependents:

  • Up to six sessions of professional counseling services per problem each year.  No insurance permission or diagnosis required.  No deductible.
  • Financial Counseling
  • Legal Consultation
  • Identity Theft Assistance
  • Eldercare Assessment and Services
  • Personal Diet and Exercise Consultation
Clergy families, all of these benefits come with your membership in the Conference, at no cost to you.

If you need help accessing these benefits, or learning more about them, you can contact our Clergy Assistance Program provider, Chestnut Global Partners, at 1-800-433-7916.  You can also contact our Conference Pastoral Care and Counseling Coordinator, Shauna Summers, at