Designed by a Great Creator


Read Psalm 8
Dr. Thomas LogsdonWith what name shall we call our God, whose majesty triumphs over all the earth?
Many names have been suggested. All fall short of God’s glory. Some reveal at least a portion of God’s character by describing one or more of God’s attributes.
One of those names is Creator.
There is an intimacy in referring to God as Creator, a recognition that we as creature are connected to the One who created us, as we are to everything else that has been created.
We are not here by accident. We were planned. We are creatures designed by a Great Creator.
Stop and look around you. Sit and breathe. Observe and reflect.
See the moon and the stars. Feel the sun on your face. Hear the rush of the mighty water and the whisper of the gentle wind as it passes by you and is gone.
It is God who created it all. It is good because of its Creator. And it is good because it is good. From its goodness we learn something about the goodness of Creator.
Earth, air, and water are holy because of their Creator, but they can all be polluted. It is a tragedy when those things which are holy are treated with such disrespect.
It is God who created you. You are good because of your Creator. And you are good because you are good. Because you are good, we can learn something about the goodness of your Creator.
Like the earth, like the air, like the water, you too can become polluted. It is tragedy when someone as holy as you are disrespected in such a way, even if you yourself are the one who has done so.
What is Creator to do for one so polluted, the one made a little less than angels and designed to be crowned with glory and honor?

Creator loved us too much to leave us marred by pollution, even of our own making. Creator became one of us to cleanse us and restore us. Creator sent His Son and gave him the name Jesus – Savior – because he would save us from our sins.
Glory be to God our Creator. Glory be to Jesus His Son. Glory be to the Spirit that bears witness to Creator and reveals the path and process towards cleansing all creation – even you and me.

(Dr. Thomas Logsdon is an IGRC clergy member and Director of Connectional Ministries for the Illinois Great Rivers Conference)