Christmas won't be the same!


While grocery shopping the week before Christmas, I saw a woman in the baking aisle frantically searching the flavored extract bottles. She began moving the bottles around and talking out loud.

“It just won’t be the same! I’ve got to find it!” Seeing that she was upset, I asked her if I could help. “They don’t have orange extract, and Christmas will be ruined if I can’t make my orange rock candy!”

There are many things that will be different about Christmas this year. However, the Christian celebration of Advent and Christmas will never be ruined. Yes, it won’t be the same for several reasons: congregational singing (no) congregational candle blowing (no) hugging after the Christmas Eve service (no). It will also not be the same because we’ve lost many loved ones to Covid; we’ve become even more divided as a country; and even before Advent begins, we’re completely stressed out.

Some things never change, though—Emmanuel! God is still with us!
Judy Vidakovich
Pastoral Care and Counseling
Committee Chairperson