Conversations Around Issues of Human Sexuality


The IGRC Delegates have been called together by Bishop Beard and are starting the process of preparation for the Called Session of the 2019 General Conference.  The special Called Session will focus on the Council of Bishop’s report based on the work of the Commission on the Way Forward.

The 2016 General Conference delayed actions on all legislation related to human sexuality. The Special Called Session will take legislative action to determine the church’s position on issues of human sexuality.

A series of conversations will be held throughout the IGRC. These conversations will center around a series of questions provided by the Council of Bishops.  These questions are designed to assist us in talking about our mission and ministry as we discuss issues of human sexuality. 

The design and leadership of these sessions will be led by the IGRC Delegates alongside folks from a diverse spectrum.  We invite people from across our Annual Conference to attend and participate.  Information regarding the current proposed models from the Commission, will be shared and discussed. Information gleaned will be shared with the COB and with the Commission. Bishop Beard is planning on being present at each of these sessions.

Please pray for our Conference as we seek to engage in these vital conversations.  Detailed information will be shared as it becomes available.