Do you need some time to renew?


By Kent King-Nobles, PCC Chair and Tim Harrison, Chaplain, McKendree University
Rev. Tim HarrisonRev. Kent King-NoblesDo you ever feel like you need a break?  How would you like to take two or three days just to relax, refresh or do what you really want to do?

You can. We had a chance to do just that recently, thanks to a new ministry available to all of our IGRC clergy and spouses. 

One of our own, Connie Jenkins, has felt a call to open her home for one- to three-day retreats. Ironically, the two of us cancelled our first retreat because we were “just too busy.” We were glad we made time for this one. 

We had a wonderful time reading, watching eagles, eating a nice dinner as we looked out on the Mississippi River, taking long walks and a nap or two, and having some conversations about our ministries, our families and our need to shift some priorities.  We also picked a movie from a large selection of DVDs. 

This lovely retreat home is just outside Quincy. It is two hours from Springfield, but the highway is smooth and not heavily traveled, so the trip goes by quickly. As the miles went by and we caught up on our conversations, the tensions of our everyday routines melted away.  We had the freedom to enjoy a beautiful yard and woods, watch the birds, sit by the fire, or hide out in a well-appointed basement. 

Breakfast was worthy of a fine restaurant. The two bedrooms were very comfortable. Everything is clean and attractive. And the best part – it is all free. 

If you need to do some planning or just need a place to get away and catch up with yourself, we recommend this retreat ministry. This is also a great place to reconnect with your spouse.  Plus there are also a lot of attractions in the area, such as the Blues Festival and other special events on the riverfront, or tours of Hannibal and Nauvoo nearby. 

Connie Jenkins is partnering with our Conference Pastoral Care and Counseling Board to make this available to any IGRC clergy and spouse.   To book a reservation or get more information, contact our PCC Coordinator, Shauna Summers at 309.241.4389 or  

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