Jesus is Lord!


By Bob Phillips
When I offered my name for consideration as clergy delegate to the 2016 GC, no thought was included that I would wind up at more than one conference.

Tonight, poised on the cusp  of the Special GC, these initial reflections:

  • I am exceptionally gratified and proud of so many from our conference (and others, of course) who have worked so hard at hospitality and other aspects of the logistics  and welcome that set the stage for a time of spiritual deliberation and focus. I won't name names, for the list is delightfully too long, but the many clergy and lay volunteers have stepped into the gap and are making a difference.
  • Special kudos to the Midwest Distribution Center for coordinating coats-scarves-hats for African and other delegates from tropical settings. Some folks arrived in sandals. For many, 70 degrees is freezing. Ensuring that every delegate had cold weather gear is another reason for 'bravo zulu' to Chantel and her team who made it happen.
  • I have sensed no 'hate and discontent' as yet. Yes, interest groups are huddling that represent various points of view, but those I  overheard were exceptionally gracious, avoiding demonizing language, and seeking to convey understanding of process and content on the multiverse of options, squiggles and quarks that will comprise the deliberations.
  • What a waste of the entire first day...not! Focusing on prayer, spanning  the four corners of  the global church, crisp and intentional, really does matter.  No one seems to be lecturing the Holy Spirit on how to talk sense into the 'other guys.' It's me, O Lord, standing in the, and you, and all the delegates and the church for which Christ died, and rose again. 
Yep, by the end of the conference no doubt media and others will report how 'the sausage was made,' and no doubt some antics will deserve mention. But I can say this. We will  have prayed over the sausage before we made it, while we made it, after we made it, and while we serve it.  Jesus is Lord.