Renewal moments: How to relax and renew when you don't have the time or even space


I get it. For the last three weeks I’ve been .. “between homes.” 

My house sold before Annual Conference and but my new house doesn’t "Close" until this coming Friday. Thankfully, I have been blessed with helpful family and friends who stored boxes and things the movers didn’t take and also made a place for a couple of my cats that couldn’t live in the hotel with us. Without their help I would have felt like I was losing my mind! I imagine this may be similar to what some of you are doing as you move to new appointments.
I know that because of the extra stress, I desperately need to take the time to relax and renew so I can continue to support others. That is really tough sometimes, especially when your "To Do" list is a mile long and the day is only 24 hours long.

But we all need to make mental space for ourselves to let go and not be ruminating over the list that isn’t getting done. Give yourself some grace. You can get back to it in an hour or after a nap. Take the time to close your eyes, take a few really deep breaths and appreciate yourself. You are in a hard situation. You are doing the best you can. God knows that and loves us anyway. It doesn’t matter if WE think our list should be all crossed off or if XYZ still needs to be set up. You are enough, just the way you are. Give yourself a few minutes to let that really soak in every single day.
Sure, a nice, relaxing room is wonderful, but not necessarily a very practical expectation. Don’t wait until you have the space. Do it now. Close your eyes at your desk, in the shower, when you get home after work - whenever: breathe, listen - feel better.
 Please post on the IGRC Pastoral Care & Counseling Facebook page what you did for your Renewal Moments.