Jesus’ invitation: ‘Come!’

Bishop Frank Beard


Jesus invites us to walk with him on a wonder-filled adventure. The invitation is given to all who are saddled with weariness or bogged down with the pressures of day-to-day life. Looks like that includes just about everyone!

Invitation to Conversations Around Human Sexuality

Bishop Frank Beard


The Commission on A Way Forward has encouraged United Methodists across our global connection to engage in conversations around issues of human sexuality. The purpose of these conversations is not to debate or change one another or to convince others to “switch sides”, but to engage in active listening and effective hearing of each other’s personal stories in a safe environment.The conversations that we will have are focused more on our identity, purpose, and mission as United Methodists. As we think about the challenges that our differences around human sexuality present us, we need to discuss how we will remain at the table for the sake of the mission of Christ despite our differences.

Yoked with Jesus in 2018

Bishop Frank Beard


Christmas reminds me that the responsibility for maintaining “government” does not belong to me. As a leader, sometimes I forget the “government” is shouldered by Christ.

Caring for the caregiver

Clergy Assistance Program Blog


"Family caregiving is the fastest-growing unpaid and often unacknowledged occupation in this country," says Lorraine Sailor, operations coordinator at Children of Aging Parents, a nonprofit charitable organization based in Levittown, Pa. A recent survey by the National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA) found more than 54 million people give care each year. About 56 percent are women, according to the survey. Caregivers come in all shapes and sizes. They can be adult children, spouses, siblings, friends or neighbors, who help with daily activities such as bathing, feeding and clothing. The caregiver may be the only person who can take a loved one to doctors' appointments. The long-distance caregiver may call weekly, help with expenses or support the main caregiver.

Gingerbread cookies



Studies have found that ginger provides a load of health benefits, including soothing unsettled tummies, reducing blood cholesterol, and a whole lot more. When you make these fun gingerbread cookies, you can sit back and enjoy all their benefits!

Go Green this Holiday Season

Greenify Tips


Here's seven simple steps you can take today to make for a green holiday season.


PCC Guest Blogs


Richard Rohr said, “We’re already in the presence of God. What’s absent is awareness.” So noticing is something that helps strengthen my faith. That’s why, as I see signs of the seasons changing, I feel the need to gather up those I love and ask, how are my relationships? Do they need tending? How do I really feel? What can I do to prioritize my mental and physical health? How is my spirit? What can I do to reconnect with my creator? What can I start planting now that will bloom later?

Conversations Around Issues of Human Sexuality

Bishop Frank Beard


The IGRC Delegates have been called together by Bishop Beard and are starting the process of preparation for the Called Session of the 2019 General Conference.  The special Called Session will focus on the Council of Bishop’s report based on the work of the Commission on the Way Forward.

Finding Our Way Forward

Bishop Frank Beard


Thank you all for the many prayers that you have been praying for me as your Bishop, for the Council of Bishops (COB) and the Commission on a Way Forward (Commission). The COB, at our most recent meeting, received the initial report from the Commission on a Way Forward. I want to do my best to share with you an update on the work of the Commission.

Are You "Eventing" Your Church to Death?

Mike Crawford


The purpose of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. There are many ways to fulfill this purpose, yet too often we do activities for the sake of doing them, with no real purpose in mind. Our challenge is to make strategic decisions as we live out our call.

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