Bishop's Statement on school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

Bishop Frank Beard


I encourage pastors and churches to offer opportunities for others to unite in prayers of support and solidarity. I strongly encourage us to be in dialogue with one another about being instruments of peace and conduits of grace and mercy. I invite the IGRC family of laity and clergy to offer moments of prayers in our Worship services, Sunday Schools, Small Group Fellowships and any other gatherings deemed appropriate.

April Fool



In food-speak, a “fool” is a quick English dessert of cooked berries layered with whipped cream. Traditionalists make it with gooseberries, but strawberries and raspberries work fine. It’s rich and lovely, and you don’t need a lot to finish a meal with finesse. Serve it in a cocktail glass for the best effect.

Finding what works for you

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Changing a habit does take time. You won’t shake off all your depressed habits without time and effort. But, however low depression has brought you, it is absolutely possible to get into more constructive, happier habits and to find the right strategies for you to make sure that depression affects you as little as possible from now on.

Self-soothing exercises the brain, body needs to handle stress

Mental Health Minute


If you or someone you know has trouble controlling their emotional and physical reactions to stressful situations, it is critical to understand why it may difficult to stay calm, think clearly, or make reasonable decisions when stressed. There are many variables that affect out ability to self-regulate including poor sleep, unhealthy food intake, chronic pain and inflammation, dehydration, not enough movement, and residual effects of early life trauma. Try three things that help your body deal effectively with stress.

Marriage Care Retreat

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Reminder! There are only a couple rooms left for this meaningful workshop retreat conducted by Bob and Christi Phillips. Once the space is gone, its gone! This two-night retreat will be in Elsah March 1-3 (Thursday – Saturday) with Bob and Christy Phillips. It will start with dinner on Thursday evening and conclude with lunch on Saturday. Because space is limited, payment is due (by check to the Conference Center or by credit card) before registration ends Feb. 8.

Start your year off green

Greenify Tips


This year why not resolve to make a few simple lifestyle changes that could have a huge impact on the earth? Here are five things you can do this year to better care for creation:

Updates for April Self-Care Retreat

Shauna Summers


The 2nd Annual PCC Self-Care Retreat will be April 25-27 at the Pere Marquette State Park and Lodge in Grafton, IL. They are located on Illinois Route 100 (The Great River Road) 13653 Lodge Boulevard, Grafton, IL 62037. New this year is musical entertainment! The Rivers of Life Band will be playing after dinner on Wednesday. In addition to the topics listed below, both Sacred Spaces (interactive prayer stations) and chair massages will be offered Wednesday and Thursday. The Board of Ordained Ministry has granted 1 CEU for persons attending the entire event.

Jesus’ invitation: ‘Come!’

Bishop Frank Beard


Jesus invites us to walk with him on a wonder-filled adventure. The invitation is given to all who are saddled with weariness or bogged down with the pressures of day-to-day life. Looks like that includes just about everyone!

Invitation to Conversations Around Human Sexuality

Bishop Frank Beard


The Commission on A Way Forward has encouraged United Methodists across our global connection to engage in conversations around issues of human sexuality. The purpose of these conversations is not to debate or change one another or to convince others to “switch sides”, but to engage in active listening and effective hearing of each other’s personal stories in a safe environment.The conversations that we will have are focused more on our identity, purpose, and mission as United Methodists. As we think about the challenges that our differences around human sexuality present us, we need to discuss how we will remain at the table for the sake of the mission of Christ despite our differences.

Yoked with Jesus in 2018

Bishop Frank Beard


Christmas reminds me that the responsibility for maintaining “government” does not belong to me. As a leader, sometimes I forget the “government” is shouldered by Christ.

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