New mandated reporter requirements

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As of January 1, 2020, there are new State of Illinois requirements for anyone who cares for children in either a paid or volunteer role in schools, medical facilities, and in churches. The Illinois Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act has been expanded to identify more roles (i.e.: volunteer childcare workers in a church) as Mandated Reporters with new training requirements.

Stress management tips from the Mayo Clinic

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Managing stress is a combination of activity and inactivity. Finding a balance that fits you, combined with plenty of sleep and a healthy, balanced diet can help you on your way.

Five keys to catch fish

Bishop Frank Beard


Fishing is not just another activity in the life of the church. It is one of the foundational purposes for which the church exists.

A Cure for Loneliness?

Beth Fender


A recent article in AARP Magazine suggests that loneliness is a widespread problem that might have medical implications. But could the church have a role to play in curing loneliness? (Article 1 of 6)

A healthy way to handle the holidays

Clergy Assistance Blog by SupportLinc


A little planning can go a long way in helping one handle the holidays. It's really about these key things: Anticipating the event Planning pleasures other than food and drink Holding a family meeting ahead of time Setting reasonable expectations Avoiding or reducing stress caused by holidays or special events Building in ways to be active Preparing for the personalities and habits of friends and family Planning for pleasures after holidays, vacations or special events

Slowing down vs. winding up

Shauna Summers


The holidays are upon us and there is so much to do and a shrinking amount of time to do it in! Does this sound familiar? Instead of letting your anxiety take over, activate your parasympathetic nervous system instead!

There’s a hole in the boat

Bishop Frank Beard


I was eight miles away from the marina, and I was taking on water fast. I was all alone, anchored down, and the boat was filling up with water. To make matters worse the closest shore was an alligator-infested, stump-filled swamp.


Bishop Frank Beard


A few folks that are into apocalyptic bible study teach that the number five (5) is the Biblical number for grace. I’m not so sure, but for the purpose of this month’s article, I’ll agree.

Cubs or Cardinals? Health or Holiness?

Bishop Frank Beard


Two seemingly unrelated questions, but are they? Both questions call for a decision and an alignment. Both questions are ripe with possibilities for acceptance and rejection, even if you favor neither team.

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