The Unfolding of Resurrection

On the Journey with Jesus


Resurrection and new life sometimes takes awhile to fully unfold itself in us and lead us to act in new, fresh and empowered ways. But when we get it; when it gets us we are stirred to action and given fresh speech.

Pastoral Letter on Cote d'Ivoire


Bishop Gregory V. Palmer invites United Methodists to pray for the people of Cote d'Ivoire as it is on the verge of a civil war following a disputed presidential election.

Pastoral Letter on Japan Earthquake/Tsunami


Thank you for hearing God’s call by assisting in both the Pacific Emergency Relief Fund as well as contributing to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering.

Growing Up to the Full Measure of Christ


Bishop Palmer announces the theme and speaker for the 2011 Annual Conference.

I just want to say 'thank you Lord'

Imagine No Malaria


We thanked God for the relationship between the people of Liberia and the people of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference.  We thanked God for the connection of the United Methodist Church.  We thanked God for the respect and friendship that was forged in our sweat.  We thanked God for hope. 

We broke the circle and it took us a few minutes to actually leave.  We shared hand shakes.  We shared hugs.  A few small tokens of appreciation were exchanged.  A few last pictures were taken.  There were many smiles, and then we got in the van and drove away.  None of us truly left.

Every Child Means the World to Someone...

Imagine No Malaria


LaMoine River District Superintendent Randy Robinson explains why the fight to eradicate malaria is important, because "every child means the world to someone..."

IGRC is all over it


Blogging from the Liberia Annual Conference, Bishop Gregory V. Palmer writes, "You have heard the saying "he or she is all over it". As we sat and listened to the reports of the District Superintendents about the work in their respective districts IGRC, or IGRC churches and IGRC pastors and IGRC DS's were mentioned repeatedly and profusely. As I lay down each night all I can say is IGRC is all over it."

A Theology of Hope


Writing from Liberia, Bishop Gregory V. Palmer says that the Illinois Great Rivers Conference is a huge part of Liberia's theology of hope because of its partnership with the Liberia Annual Conference.

A Long Trip to Ganta


Eric Swanson chronicles the IGRC delegation's first day in Liberia -- a day filled with a church dedication and mechanical problems with vehicles.



Eric Swanson, associate pastor of Peoria First UMC, shares a morning devotional as the IGRC delegation begins its journey from Monrovia to Ganta to attend the annual conference session of the Liberia Annual Conference.  The group, led by Bishop Gregory V. Palmer and district superintendents Cynthia Jones and Gary Wilson, arrived in Liberia around 5 p.m. Feb. 6 (11 p.m. in Liberia). The following post was originally posted around 7 a.m. Feb. 7 (1 p.m. Liberia time).

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