Holding on to Jesus is not always good

Charliam Renner


When I believe that I am the primary one doing the “holding on to,” I tend to be less healthy, and less likely to be able to move forward.  But as we recognize that Jesus is the primary One doing the holding, we find ourselves continually being called to invite our brothers & sisters-in-Christ to go “Galilee” and meet Jesus there!   I know of no more wonderful of a way for Easter People--Resurrection People--to live in this world!  Amen.

Let us be People of Hope even as we grieve

Paul Black


As resurrection people, we are reminded how grief turned into a new reality for the disciples and the world was never the same! Yet, through that time, there were all of these stages. As pandemic people, as United Methodists and yes, ever as members of our family, we all encounter these things. Let us be, above all else, a People of Hope.   When grieving comes, people who have a mature faith give witness to an uncommon relationship with God. Because this relationship cannot be taken away from them.

Raise the bar, don’t put it on the ground!

Bishop Frank Beard


Christian preachers and teachers have always been my heroes. Women and men, called of God and set apart by the church for the work of ministry.

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