A Time to Poke Holes in the Darkness


Our days of waiting in Advent darkness are almost over. These days of waiting and watching are a blessing to the church embedded in the church’s calendar. We Christians live by a different rhythm, a different clock and a different calendar. We start in the darkness. We wait in hope for light.

In John’s gospel there is no nativity narrative. But John does not fail to engage the truth and power of incarnation. In describing the Incarnate One – Jesus the Christ – he uses terms like Life and Light. The Incarnate One is “the true light that enlightens everyone.” John also notes “the light shines in darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it.”

A Strategic Roadmap


In joining you it is very clear to me that the Illinois Great Rivers Conference of the United Methodist Church is richly gifted in many ways. Of special note for me are the profound ways in which you are wonderfully aligned around the mission of the church. I have observed that alignment in depth of spirituality, staffing and articulation of the mission.

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