Mental health minute

Mental Health Minute


Working without letup is a bad habit that can jeopardize business, health and the life you're supposedly working toward. You can easily get stressed in the workplace, which makes you so exasperated that you can’t stand going into the office. You don’t really want to quit, you just need a break — and a mental health day gives you that.

How to cope with difficult personalities

Clergy Assistance Program Blog


There is no way to completely avoid crossing paths with irritating or frustrating people. Your best strategy is to learn how to deal with them without losing your cool. Follow the tips below so you can gain the necessary skills to handle difficult personality types.

Is multi-tasking worth it?

Shauna Summers


PCC Coordinator Shauna Summers offers a few suggestions about multi-tasking that have proven most helpful to her.

Ways to best work with your S/PPRC

PCC Guest Blogs


The Pastor /Staff Relations committee is a critical ministry for us to be a vibrant connectional church of Jesus Christ transforming the world. The committee members are the lifeline linking the pastor, church staff, the congregation, and the Conference through the District Superintendent. As pastor, your discernment of who serves on this committee and providing training and information for them is crucial to your ministry.

What can you expect from me?

Bishop Frank Beard


One of the things I have been sharing with each district is EXPECTATIONS. I firmly believe that unrealistic, or under-stated and unstated expectations are often the root causes of confusion, chaos, and disappointment.  Allow me to share a few things that I expect of you and that you can expect from me as your new Bishop.

Peter Cartwright: The Work of an Evangelist

Paul Black

Historical Messenger


The work of evangelism belongs to all of us. The call of evangelism is to us because each of us have places to serve and to share what God is doing in our life. And if you haven’t started that journey, I invite you to do so today.

WOW, what a ride!

Bishop Frank Beard


We’ve only just begun but the ride thus far has been great. It has not taken me long to discover three reasons why the Illinois Great Rivers Conference (IGRC) is a wonderful place to be. I’m sure that by the end of the year I will have discovered a dozen or more reasons but for one month, here are my observations: 1. IGRC folks are great at hospitality. 2. IGRC people are genuinely friendly. 3. IGRC members are extremely generous.

Leading as an introvert


After years of trying to force himself to be an extrovert, a pastor discovers that being a Christian leader begins with accepting who you are. Even if you are introverted, shy and out of touch with popular culture, you are God’s beloved.

You and your S/PPRC in the first six months

PCC Guest Blogs


This committee can be of such great assistance to a new pastor! I suggest that the committee meet at least four times in the first six months. Meeting regularly will allow members to get to know each other and to build trust – two vital elements when working and serving together. One of these meetings could be an informal picnic or ice cream social where family members get to meet and form closer connections.

Graduation, Sept. 1, 2016

Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton


To say or write the word GRADUATION is to release a torrent of precious memories. Diplomas from high school, college, and graduate school and congratulations from friends and family come to mind. From college graduation and commencement in 1968, my sojourn runs from Arkansas to Northern Illinois to East Ohio to Michigan to Central and Southern Illinois. Within these graduations are a thousand thoughts, hundreds of emotions, and unforgettable moments sequestered in my pantheon of memories. Now that the end of my active episcopacy draws nigh at the stroke of midnight on August 31, 2016, another graduation occurs.

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