Getting started with exercise

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Why can't we embrace a routine that need only occupy the time we spend on watching one sitcom a day? The answer is more mental than physical. Adopting an exercise plan requires a change in schedule, lifestyle and perhaps self-image. We need to be realistic, and find activities that are fun.

Mental health minute

Mental Health Minute


“Play is the purest expression of love” says psychiatrist Stuart Brown, M.D. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells as well as infection-fighting antibodies which improves your resistance to disease. Laughter also triggers the release of endorphins which promote an overall sense of wellbeing. There is wisdom to the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

The first holiday after a loss

Shauna Summers


The first holiday season following a death feels like a complicated negotiation. The loss seems to be highlighted by the holiday and all that the holidays bring: family, tradition, and tender moments. Those who are grieving don’t know how to get through the first holiday without their loved person and those who care about a grieving person want to be helpful but are equally confused about how to do it. It’s a situation that is poignantly human.

"Can't We All Just Get Along?"

Bishop Frank Beard


Rodney King’s question still haunts us. We want the answer to be “yes”, but the reality is that we are facing old and new emerging challenges that threaten to widen and deepen the divide. “No Rodney, I am sad to say that, for the moment, we cannot and will not get along with one another until we share a common denominator.” The horrific events of 2017 provide a template for us to use as a guide for creating unity and togetherness. It has been said that tough times bring out the best in people.

Praying for the victims and families in Las Vegas

Bishop Frank Beard


We are reminded that in this and every situation the church of Jesus Christ has been called to be a beacon of hope and light. My prayer is that as we respond to this recent tragedy and others that may occur around us that we will be conduits of God's love and grace to all. This tragic event reminds us that we live in a world that is broken and in disrepair. We need the presence of believers everywhere to demonstrate the love that is the trademark of our faith community.


Bishop Frank Beard


October is Pastor Appreciation Month. This is a time to intentionally thank your pastor and leaders. Pastor appreciation should happen every day but because we tend to forget to express gratitude on a regular basis a month has been set aside to make up for our negligence.

“Bishop, do you still have hope for the United Methodist Church?”

Bishop Frank Beard


“Bishop, do you still have hope for the United Methodist Church?” The question caught me by surprise, but I was ready to answer. Over the years, I have learned to slow down my mouth so that my brain can catch up. I try to respond rather than to simply react. Sometimes my mouth wins the race (I’m sure I am not the only one with this struggle). What I wanted to say was, “I did not know that we had a choice.”

IGRC DAY OF PRAYER WALKING: “Let’s do something positive together!”

Bishop Frank Beard


I am requesting that the IGRC family designate November 18th as PRAYER WALK DAY. Churches and ministries are free to participate in ways that will be beneficial to their setting. Some churches with multiple sites will want to join in solidarity. Some communities with more than one UM church will want to work together as a united witness to our connection.

Miles to go before we sleep…

Bishop Frank Beard


Sept. 1 is our official anniversary as Bishop and Annual Conference.  We have been together for one whole year.  I wish you could see me doing my “happy dance.”  I know there is a way to embed a video link, but that would not be a pretty sight. I do hope you feel like dancing, too! It has been a good year.

Bishop issues pastoral letter on Hurricane Harvey

Bishop Frank Beard


Dear IGRC family, What can we do? I've heard that question over and over as the news of those affected by Hurricane Harvey's destructive forces are made known. Because United Methodists are people of action, we often wish to be able to do something to assist. I am writing to encourage your participation in ministry to those suffering from this storm by offering a few suggestions on what we can do together.

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