Learning priorities and making them fit in life

Shauna Summers


How well I balance is determined by how conscious my choices are. So, in addition to writing the work/life tasks I need to accomplish on my To-Do Lists, I now include specific family time, activity in nature, and amount of time for renewal on my lists. Because I love to cross things off my lists, my lists include more than work stuff because work stuff is not my only priority. After all, I don’t want to have to learn this balancing lesson again. It is said that you either love the lesson (i.e., balancing) or you love the learning. I love the lesson and want to “get it” this time.

Statement on Judicial Council Decision 1341

Bishop Frank Beard


Today I take great pleasure in knowing that the denomination that I love has a process and a plan designed to hold its members accountable while doing its best to assure a fair process when addressing a variety of issues. Our process seems, at times, long and complex when it comes to rendering a final decision. I am reminded that Jesus, though often pressed and pushed, never rushed to a decision. Jesus was not reactionary; he was responsive.

Are We Yet Alive?

Bishop Frank Beard


“And are we yet alive, And see each other's face? Glory, and thanks to Jesus give For his almighty grace!”

A Prayer for Holy Week

Bishop Frank Beard


The prayer of agreement does not rob us of individual expression or deprive us from using our own unique talents. A prayer of agreement allows us, like a praise band or orchestra, to play the proper piece at the right time in harmony with one another under the guidance of the conductor/director. The Lenten journey is designed to culminate in a harmonious celebration of the resurrected triumphant Lord. During this holiest of weeks let us unite our hearts in a prayer of agreement for our Nation and for our World.

Are you trapped in the net?

Clergy Assistance Program Blog

Shauna Summers


The Internet lets you communicate instantly, tap vast knowledge, watch news unfold, run a business -- you name it and the Net is your servant. But could it become your master?

Following our own advice

PCC Guest Blogs


We in the ministry are a unique group with a unique set of stressors, pressures, problems and expectations that are a natural part of our calling. From the days of Moses to our modern times, we are plagued with a sense of isolation, loneliness, and unclear expectations. Combine that with the fact that most clergy have a natural bent towards being people pleasers and wanting to be liked and we have a prescription for a lot of stress in our lives. We are good at helping others identify these things and trying to help them cope with them. But are we good at doing this for ourselves?

Mental Health Minute: Stress and Self-Care

Shauna Summers


The good news is that just as we have a stress response, we also have a relaxation response where our breathing and blood pressure slows down.

Presentation of A Million Dollar Gift To The AU Scholarship Endowment Fund

Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton


We confess that the prime motivation for our presence is an African Dream every bit as compelling as the dream Martin Luther King, Jr. had for America in 1963.  To help his people survive colonization, captivity and thrive in the 21st century, Chief Tendai Mutasa sold tribal land to Cecil Rhodes and the British, by treaty.  In exchange, Mutasa's people received "munitions plus limited access to cash, in-kind gifts, health care and education."  These things gave his people hope.  More than these material gifts,  Chief Mutasa's faith in an amazing grace-filled Messianic God led the way forward to "a future with hope" and a "dream fulfilled" as written in the book of Jeremiah (29:11) and the book of Proverbs (13:12).

Importance of self-care

PCC Guest Blogs


How much attention we need to give to the various parts of our lives depends on us. We are all different. I have owned several different cars in my life and each one would have different levels of care to run properly. Some of us may need to spend more time focusing on physical health issues than others, some more on mental health issues than others and some more on spiritual health issues than others. At any given time, the balance of our focus can change. Knowing ourselves if vital in our well-being. Be willing to seek help if it is a difficult task. Our clergy assistance program has people who can help us do that. Yet we need to take responsibility for caring for ourselves and seeing that the aspects of our lives are in proper balance.

Energized by Easter

Bishop Frank Beard


The disciples that Jesus had assembled started drifting away at the Passover. By the time we get to the crucifixion of Jesus only a few women and John, the beloved disciple, remain clearly visible. Each of the original disciples abandoned Jesus in one way or another. They all deserted Jesus and fled away in fear. Jesus’ last words on the cross were, “It is finished!”  After uttering those last words, he died. His death, while predicted and announced by Jesus himself, left his disciples in a state of disarray and panic. The followers of Jesus were broken, defeated, and most of them, as echoed by the two pilgrims on the Emmaus road, experienced a state of unparalleled hopelessness. How did this ragtag group of frightened followers experience both personal and corporate renewal and transformation? Their transformation was so powerful and effective that they were eventually noted for “turning the world upside down.” What happened?

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