Annual Conference

Worship is Our Business


In a few short weeks we will be in Peoria for Annual Conference. This is the 14th session of the Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference. Wow we really sound young don’t we? But if count figure our age from the oldest antecedent conferences this is session 188.

Could it be that we are really old, by some calculations? Or is the angle of view that we are new and fresh in ministry but we have a deep heritage? Not a bad position to be in. So from that bi-focal viewpoint we might sing with gusto A Charge to Keep We Have with a keen awareness that we are called “To Serve the Present Age”.

Where Will the Second Year of Ministry Lead?


It will come as no surprise to you that this first year for me has been filled with learning. In one sense everything is new. Listening and inquiring have been my key tools to come to know the IGRC better. While I am still learning, I have learned much about what has been and what is. This learning has led to some thinking about the future.

Reflections on Annual Conference


Annual Conference 2009 is now over. It is history. But I believe that it will continue to inform our common life and witness for some time to come.

We have some important challenges ahead of us. Those challenges create unprecedented opportunities for us to be the church that God yearns for and that the world needs. I am excited about both the challenges and the opportunities.

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