About Us

BMCR logoOur Mission

To raise and train visionaries and spirit-filled leaders who will be advocates for, heralders for and defenders for the needs and concerns of the Black churches, their members, and their clergy in The United Methodist Church.

Our Vision

To become spirit-filled, committed, transformed, loving members in the body of Christ serving the world.

Our Goal

The goal of IGRC BMCR is to assist the black church to be R.S.V.P.:

  • Relevant in teaching, leading and serving in our faith communities.
  • Supportive in connecting and communicating the concerns that are in our faith communities in spirit and in truth.
  • Vital in our worship that it reaches the lost, in our pastoral care to the community and in our discipleship and evangelism in spreading the Word of God.
  • Promotes the concerns of the Black Church and other ethnic groups in truth and love as to give dignity and respect to all.