Additional Documentation

Below you will find the instructions for completing the written work requirement for your upcoming interview with the Board of Ordained Ministry of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference and other forms needed prior to your interview. Please follow the instructions carefully and completely because a positive recommendation to the Clergy Session for Commissioning and Provisional Membership will depend on it.

If you have any difficulty or if you have questions, contact the BOM Registrar immediately.

Provisional Membership

Clergy Application Form

Guidelines for Written Work

Disclosure Form

Personal Medical Disclosure

Physician's Medical Form

Sermon Manuscript

Sermon Exegesis


Bible Study

Deacon Project

Mentor Report

Biographical Information Form

Autobiographical Statement

Annual Update

Deacon Lifestyle Statement

Elder Lifestyle Itineracy Statement

Mentor Annual Report

Basic Graduate Theological Studies 

Associate Membership

AM Lifestyle Itineracy Statement

Clergy Application Form

Guidelines for those seeking Associate Membership

Personal Medical Disclosure

Physician's Medical Form 

Disclosure Form

Certified Lay Minister

Certified Lay Minister Designation Form

CLM DCoM ReCertification Recommendation Form

CLM_Pastor's Ministry Summary Document

CLM_Ministry Summary Document

District Committee

Course of Study Checklist