Where to begin

To enter the candidacy process, first talk with your minister and read The Christian as Minister. Then check our our page for candidates to see the steps start and who to contact. To formally apply, you'll need to write a letter to your District Superintendent outlining your call to ministry. Once you're a candidate, you'll be assigned 
a mentor, an ordained person who will guide you through the process. (All Greek to you? Use our Glossary of Candidacy Terms.)


Elders need a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) from a seminary approved by the church. Deacons may also receive a M.Div., or they can obtain a Master's degree in their work field plus 27 theological study hours. Local pastors complete the Basic Five-Year Course of Study.

Scholarships and Loans

First, contact the financial aid office in the schools you're interested in, since many institutions offer scholarships. You can also find loans and scholarships available through GBHEM by visiting the Loans and Scholarships page. Our annual conference through the Board of Ordained Ministry (BOM), also helps candidates during the candidacy process and beyond. Check here to find out the details. Oh, and a helpful hint: more scholarships are available for certified candidates!