Small Group Coaching

NOTE: Due to low registration numbers, group coaching will not be offered at the 2012 boot camp. Instead, presenters will be available to meet with individual projects throughout boot camp.
A unique aspect of the 2012 NCJ Boot Camp will be the opportunity for small group conversation guided by a coach. Small groups will be established based on the models of church plants indicated by registrants.
The coaching small groups will gather at various times during the boot camp to have specific conversation about how the strategies apply in their model for ministry.
Some models include:
Multiplication: A healthy, evangelistically effective church giving birth to a new congregation, either a multisite of the existing church or a newly chartered church.
Vital Merger: Two or more churches closing and selling all property in order to start a new church in a new location.
Relocation of an Existing Congregation
Ethnic Partnership: May be two congregations of different ethnic backgrounds sharing facilities and some ministries or it can be an established (usually largely Anglo) church unable to reach an ethnic population in partnership with an ethnic church as a "bridge" to reach that population.
Micro Church: Small faith communities, often in small towns where there is no, or limited, church presence. It can also be an instrument for an established church reaching populations in its area that otherwise won't come to the church.
Parallel Church: Knowing that the existing congregation is toward the end of its life cycle and that it is disconnected from the current mission field, a new congregation is started alongside that is reaching people the existing congregation is unable to reach.
New Worship Service: Adding a new worship service in an existing congregation.