Certified Lay Ministry - Module 4: Organization for Ministry
Saturday, February 3, 2024 at 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Central Standard Time

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Susie Wurth

To Begin
To begin the training for becoming a Certified Lay Minister these pre-requisites must be met:
  • Completion of the certification for becoming a Certified Lay Servant
OR previously completion of License School
OR previously completed one year of seminary studies
  • PLUS completion of the Advanced Course "Discover Your Spiritual Gifts" OR "Rediscovering Our Spiritual Gifts" (online course title through www.BeADisciple.com)
CLM Modules for Certification
There are four CLM Modules to complete over a four-year time frame for your certification.
  • Module 1- Call and Covenant of Ministry
  • Module 2 – The Practice of Ministry
    • Part 1 – Worship and Faith Formation
    • Part 2 – Preaching and Pastoral Care
  • Module 3- Organization for Ministry
  • Module 4- Connection for Ministry
Training Updates
First, training locations will be determined after Registration closes in order to identify a central location for all registered. In some cases, the first day will be a drive-in, face-to-face day.  Second, there will be some virtual sessions.  These will be established with the instructor and class during the face-to-face session.  You will need to bring your own lunch, snacks, and drinks for the face-to-face day. Next, with Module 1, classes will begin with email lessons and progress to virtual and face-to-face.  Finally, in the event of inclement weather or an enrollment of less than 2, the course will go to all virtual.

To obtain course materials please contact your District Office. 

You will be contacted by Instructors with pre-assignments before class begins. You will need to complete the reading and writing assigned and bring the written work to class. 

Scholarship Funds
Some Scholarship funds may be available to those with a need. Contact the CLM Coordinator for more information. Completed Scholarship applications should be received by the sponsoring entity in advance of the Training.

Rev. Allynn Walker