Director of Choral Music


St. John’s UMC is looking for a Director of Choral Music. This position is set up as an independent contractor to the church; individual is responsible for their own benefits and taxes. As an independent contract, there is not a set number of hour per week for the position. The individual has flexibility from week to week within the provided work schedule as long as all duties and responsibilities are met as described below:

Duties and Responsibilities • Rehearse the Chancel Choir for their active participation and leadership role in the scheduled Sunday Traditional Worship Services and other services as needed. • Select all choral anthems to be sung by the choir. Music should be appropriate for the day. Contractor shall collaborate with St. John’s Directing Pastor regarding musical selections. All music selections must be submitted to the Directing Pastor for final approval at least 72 hours prior to the event. • Exhibit high musical standards, initiative and creativity, along with a personal dedication to the goals of the music ministry. • Choir anthems shall be sung under the direction of the Director of Choral Music at worship services weekly unless other choirs, soloists or other arrangements have been made by the Director of Choral Music and Directing Pastor approval. • Performance and celebration with special choir selections or programs of music is encouraged from time to time. • Purchase music and music supplies for the choir program. Budgeted expenditures shall be under the control of the Worship Team. • Perform the duties of the position in a cordial, professional and cooperative manner with the Pastor, the Worship Design Team, the choir, and organist/ accompanist. Work Schedule • Attend Traditional Worship Service and serve as the Director of Choral Music on scheduled Sundays and up to 5 additional days as determined by St. John’s and provided to Contractor at least (30) days in advance. • The Director of Choral Music is responsible for providing a replacement and their compensation. The Directing Pastor must be notified of any substitute within 7 days prior to absence unless it is an emergency. • Attend Worship Design Team meetings to facilitate communication and planning. • The Director of Choral Music performs his/her duties with the Choir from the weekend after Labor Day through the weekend before Memorial Day. Rehearsals will begin the week before Labor Day. • The choir will sing on alternate Sundays from the Sunday after Memorial Day through the Sunday before Labor Day weekend. Rehearsals will be conducted 30 minutes before the beginning of traditional service on the Sundays the choir is scheduled to sing plus one rehearsal on the first Wednesday evening in August. Soloists and/or ensembles will provide the anthem for the traditional service on the Sundays when the choir does not sing. This will be arranged by the Director of Choral Music in collaboration with the Directing Pastor and Organist. Working Relationship • This position is under the general supervision of the Directing Pastor, in conjunction with the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC). • Evaluation of Contractor’s Performance will be prepared annually by the Directing Pastor and discussed with SPRC and will determine renewal of contract. • Annual compensation increase will be determined by performance as well as church budget considerations. Skills and Qualifications • Education: Music or Music Education Degree or Equivalent performance experience preferred. • Considerable experience and ability are requirements of this musician, who provides a high level of support for the overall music ministry of the church. 

Contact: Grant Armstrong

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Church: Edwardsville Saint John's UMC