Youth Director


The Youth Director’s primary task is to assist the First United Methodist Church of Harrisburg, Illinois in fulfilling its mission by providing a safe, welcoming, and nurturing environment for the youth of our church, community, and surrounding area on Sundays and throughout the week. This includes supporting, planning, promoting, and helping implement our youth fellowship, Christian Education, camping (especially Beulah and Little Grassy), and other retreat and mission opportunities as they become available.
The Youth Director is an “at will” employee of the First United Methodist Church of Harrisburg, Illinois, working closely with our Committee on Nurture and Education. They are supervised by the Pastor and Staff/Parish Relations Committee, who together are responsible for hiring, firing, and reviewing the work of all church employees, along with recommending compensation and benefits to the Finance Committee and Administrative Council. A detailed description of church policies and procedures regarding employees can be found in the current edition of the Harrisburg First United Methodist Church Employee Manual.

  • Must be 20 years of age or older and successfully pass a background check.
  • Previous positive experience working with youth is recommended.
  • Must be responsible, positive, patient, well-organized, and enthusiastic.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with youth and their parents.
While no certification is required for this position, certificates in youth ministries and related fields are a plus and available online through the Illinois Great Rivers Conference and elsewhere. These are encouraged as part of professional development and continuing education.
  1. Lead and assist in the development, implementation, and supervision of all youth programs and ministries.
  2. Enlist volunteers to assist with these programs and ministries.
  3. Provide spiritual and emotional guidance to youth, including referral if necessary.
  4. Purchase and prepare materials for youth meetings, programs, and other activities and ensure an adequate supply for everyone present.
  5. Provide advance notice of all activities to youth, parents, guardians, and the church as a whole, ensuring these activities are listed in a timely fashion on or in the church website, Facebook page, newsletter, and bulletin, and do not conflict with activities already on the church calendar.
  6. Arrange appropriate transportation and chaperons for all off-site meetings and outings and obtain and track all necessary signed consent forms from parents or guardians.
  7. Maintain an accurate record of all youth who attend meetings, including complete contact information, along with names and contact information of their parents or guardians.
  8. Manage all youth funds, keeping accurate records and submitting regular financial reports to the Pastor, Finance Committee, and Audit Team
  9. Promote and advertise youth activities to the congregation through bulletin boards, worship slides, announcements, newsletter, Facebook page, website, mailings, etc.
  10. Work with church leadership (Pastor, Finance Committee, Administrative Council, Committee on Nurture and Education, etc.) before beginning any fund-raising projects.
  11. Attend, participate in, and report to the Committee on Nurture and Education regarding all youth activities, assisting that Committee in coordinating the educational programs of our church.
  12. Work with the Pastor, Music Director, Worship Committee, Tech Team, Lay Leader, Committee on Nominations and Lay Leadership, and other groups and leaders of the congregation to ensure full participation of our youth in the worship, education, mission, and leadership of our congregation, including special music, reading of scripture, leading congregation in prayer, assisting with communion, serving on the tech or praise team, singing in the youth or adult choir, playing handbells or in the church band, serving on church committees, or elsewhere as their spiritual gifts, passions, training, and experience leads them.
  13. Attend sporting events, plays, and concerts in the Harrisburg School District, in consultation with the Pastor, and other events as assigned.
  14. Plan and lead age-appropriate Bible and Christian life studies, with the intent of bringing youth to a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and training them in Christian discipleship and witness for the purpose of bringing others to a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and active participation in the ministry and programs of the First United Methodist Church of Harrisburg.
  15. Plan and lead age-appropriate games, activities, and sporting events to provide youth with constructive recreation and an opportunity to “blow off steam,” along with demonstrating appropriate Christian behavior and providing a location which is attractive to individuals who are not yet connected with the First United Methodist Church of Harrisburg and/or have not yet given their lives to Jesus Christ.
  16. Plan and lead age-appropriate music for youth to sing, play, and listen to which will encourage them to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and strengthen them in living and understanding the Christian life. This may involve writing new lyrics to music youth are already listening to.
  17. Work with parents and other sponsors to provide youth with food and other refreshments so they will be nourished and renewed for the task of serving God and others and grow closer together through the breaking of bread and sharing of food together.
  18. Represent the First United Methodist Church of Harrisburg at appropriate youth-related community, cluster, sub-district, district, and conference meetings and events.
These duties are essential to this position and the Director of Youth Ministries will be evaluated quarterly in light of each of them. The percentage of time spent in each will vary from week to week and needs to be coordinated in consultation with the Pastor and/or the Staff Parish Relations Committee.
The Director of Youth Ministries for Harrisburg First United Methodist Church is a salaried position, and the hours will vary from week to week, but should average 10 hours per week. Many of your duties will be done onsite at the First United Methodist Church of Harrisburg, Illinois. Others will be off-site, including retreats, recreational events, mission trips, and planning (both by yourself and in groups).
You are expected to submit a monthly report of how you have spent your time to the Pastor of the First United Methodist Church of Harrisburg.
Salary Range $8,000 to $10,000 per year, based upon education and experience.

Contact: Tom Logsdon

Phone: 618-253-7023

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Church: Harrisburg First UMC