R. David Reynolds




Dahlgren UMC

Macedonia UMC


Pastoral History

I always appreciated working with our IGRC as chairperson of the Conference Sessions Committee.  As a delegate to General Conference, I shall continually seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit through the Scriptures and prayer on all issues.

PM, 1971; FM, 1974 1971 In school 1973 Marissa-Zion 1978 Alton: Grace-Elsah 1980 Sumner-Beulah 1984 (Sep 25) Brighton: St. Paul 1986 West Frankfort: Trinity 1987 Fairfield: Ellen Moore 1990 Sandoval-Boulder 1996 Crossville 2000 (May) Decatur: Central 2005 Kankakee: Trinity 2008 Chatsworth-Forrest 2012 Retired 2014 Dahlgren-Macedonia (Less than 1/4)