CLM Continuing Education

The IGRC requires each CLM to complete continuing education annually.

What counts as Continuing Education?

A CLM needs to complete 10 contact/classroom hours of continuing education each year.  How the CLM meets the requirements is flexible.

  • CLMs may take Lay Servant Ministries Advanced Courses to meet their continuing education requirements.  Advanced Courses are a minimum of 10 hours of classroom instruction.  Taking one course of this type will satisfy the requirements for both Certified Lay Servant (at least one Advanced Course in every 3 years) and CLM (10 contact hours each year).  Be sure that you receive and retain a certificate at the end of the course which verifies your participation.
  • CLMs may also choose to attend an event that offers Clergy Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  There are a number of events offered within and beyond the IGRC each year for which you can receive CEUs.  We cannot begin to list them all here however, you will need to pay attention to how many contact/classroom hours an event is advertised to include.  1 CEU = 10 hours.  If the event you want to attend is less than 10 hours, you will need to attend more than one event during that year to meet the requirement.  Each contact/classroom hour is .1 (one tenth) of a CEU.  Again, be sure that you receive and retain a certificate at the end of the course/event in order to verify your participation.

Note* Receiving a certificate for attendance at some events offering CEUs may require a fee for issuing the certificate.  The amount varies by event and sponsoring group.  This information will usually be stated in the brochure or other materials about the event.

It is strongly suggested that continuing education come from a variety of events, covering various topics, attended over time rather than counting basically the same topic/event year after year.

If you need assistance in determining how many hours/CEUs an event will be, please feel free to consult your Supervising Pastor, Mentor, one of the CLM Co-Coordinators or your District Superintendent, any of which will be happy to help!