What others are saying about the FCP:

"The church has been experiencing significant growth and the FCP helped us to discuss different areas that needed our attention.  Having leaders attend these events helped us stay on the same page as we move forward in ministry."

"It has given us some good ideas but putting them into consistent practice has proved to be a slow process."

"I originally proposed it to our congregation as a chance to "tune up" what we were already doing for greater effectiveness. It has greatly surpassed my expectations in that regard and I totally and wholeheartedly."

“I have attended the FCP sessions as part of our church team since it began 2 years ago. As a lay leader in the church, I enjoyed all the sessions and learned so very much at each and every session. These sessions provided such timely information that helped our group really take a realistic view of the state of our church and provided valid, good information to help us make sound plans to help our church flourish. We have begun to see the fruits of these sessions; how very exciting that is and I can palpably feel the difference during our worship and fellowship time.”

"The FCP gives the leadership in a local church the opportunity to honestly evaluate the ministries and the way the church is being (or not) the church."