Frequently Asked Questions

How many inmates are in IDOC Facilities? Right at 50,000 individuals are currently serving sentences in IL.

How many different facilities make up the Illinois Department of Corrections? 27 Facilities (24 Male, and 3 Female); 4 Maximum, 13 Medium, 10 Minimum, and 7 Work Camps

What is the annual Tax payer COST of “housing” each inmate?  $21,451

What percentage of Inmates typically return to Prison after their release?  47% is the current “Recidivism Rate”, but this is low compared to the historical mid 60’s rate. Statistics show that for inmates that take active part in a Bible Study during their incarceration, their recidivism rate drops closer to 36%.

How frequently do prisoners get visited? There were 357,302 records of visitation in 2011, so with a Population of 50,000 inmates that is an average of 7 visits per year. But this average can be deceiving because many prisoners receive no visitors at all.

How many times per day are inmates subjected to a Role Call or Shakedown? Typically about once every four hours, or 6 Times per day.

What is the Male/Female mix?  94% male and 6% Female.

What is the Racial mix?  57% Black, 30% White, 12% Hispanic, 1% Asian & American Indian.

What is the Age mix? 18-21 = 8%, 22-29 = 27%, 30-44 = 43%, 45-54 = 16%, 55+ = 6%

What is the Marriage status mix?  15% of the population is listed as currently married.

How many Prisoners have Kids? 37% have no children, 20% have 1 child, 17% have 2 children, 11% have 3 children, and 15% have 4 or more children.

What is the mix by Country of Birth?  94% were born in the USA.

What is the typical “Offense” mix? This varies by facility, based on the level of security of each, but on average, the mix is: 15% murder; 24% Class X; 17% Class 1;, 22% Class 2; 9% Class 3; 12% Class 4; and 1% unclassified

What is the Educational Level mix? 40% have not finished High-School nor earned a GED.

How many prisoners are Registered Sex Offenders?  16%