Are you ready to gain a new perspective on your community and what cultural, economic, ethnic, or generational differences exist there? Would you like to become better equipped with knowledge that will help you reach beyond the pews to empathize, connect, and build new relationships with people in your community?

Demographics may be the tool that will help your congregation become more effective in its outreach to those who don’t know Christ and who aren’t currently part of the church.

The Office of Congregational Development has partnered with MissionInsite, a demographic data resourcing website, to provide Illinois Great Rivers Conference churches access to this valuable tool.

To connect set up your free, personal account, please download the "How to Register" flyer.

  • How to Register with MissionInsite (flyer pdf format). If you have difficulty registering and need more detailed instructions, you can find help on the MissionInsite web site.
  • Instructional Presentation (slides in pdf format): Provides step-by-step visual illustration with written instructions of how to choose and generate reports for a radius study area using the MissionInsite system. To use a Drive Time study area, utilize this file.
  • Mission Impact Guide: After determining the primary Mosaic segment(s) in your area, find the appropriate Mission Impact Guide(s) on this page to understand the type of ministries which might speak to their lives.
  • Quad Report: Here is a report for the whole IGRC study area which outlines religious beliefs and practices, personal concerns, and many things which can help us understand our communities. You can generate a similar report for your community.