Native American Fellowship -- Dayspring UMC









In 2005 Native American Fellowship Dayspring UMC was chartered in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference. Our dreams had to be completed in stages and in 2013 we are in the final stages of completing the building project with the help of special grants such as the one we received to help us with our handicap ramp. Though it is taking time, and it is all about volunteering, we are slowly progressing in our final stages.

Dayspring church was built by Kuhns Bros. It is a beautiful log cabin church 82 by 50 feet with a full basement, nestled among huge oak trees. The church is probably 80 percent complete, but we still could use some volunteers and donations to help finish this project. Native American Fellowship Dayspring UMC is a church of all people. Everyone who has donated money and time to this church has ties to it and is welcome to attend our service at 1:15 on Sundays. Our service is unique in many ways because we blend Native American Spirituality with Christian teaching in a Wesleyan way. We teach Native American tradition without taking away the spirituality and teaching of Jesus Christ.