Work Group and Adoption Program

Adopt a campground program

We are looking for people to adopt an area of camp.   We are looking for families, churches, or youth groups to take ownership of a section of our property.  

Tree trimming
Planting trees
Building benches or picnic tables
Praying or blessing the area for our campers and ministry

If you are interested in adopting a section of camp for others to play, be nurtured by, or worship in, please contact our site manager at 309-365-7531

Are you interested in supporting our mission continually?  Has your church considered a quarterly donation to East Bay Camp?  Our Conference Advance special number is #6840.  

We are so blessed and thankful for those who have donated funds toward this program and for those of you who have volunteered your time to help make these changes at the camp become a reality.  We are asking you and your church or group to continue to help us in a couple of ways: please keep the camp in your prayers, spread the word about the East Bay Camp, and finally please consider how you, your church or group can support the ministry of East Bay Camp & Retreat by either adopting or bring a work group out to camp. If you wish to discuss the program or how we can assist you in your ministry please call us at 309-365-7531.  Please keep checking back as we update our progress and volunteer opportunities.