Does it feel like God might be calling you to ministry? There are many ways you can follow God's call, but how can you tell where and in what capacity God is calling you to serve? The Illinois  Great Rivers Conference offers many opportunities for those wishing to discern their path to ministry, vocational and otherwise. Let us help you answer your call.

If you feel called to be a pastor


If you're leaning toward training as a lay person (non-clergy)

  • Become a certified lay minister (CLM)
  • Become a certified lay servant or speaker (CLS/CLSp)


If you want to jump in and use your gifts for ministry now

  • Consider serving as a conference intern or church staff in specialized area 
  • Consider becoming a global mission fellow or volunteer with Global Ministries of the UMC 
  • Follow this link to listed job openings Job Openings.