Denman Evangelism Award

The Denman Evangelism Award is named for the late Dr. Harry Denman, distinguished lay evangelist, whom Dr. Billy Graham called "my mentor in evangelism." The award is made possible by The Foundation for Evangelism, which was founded in 1949 by Dr. Denman. Dr. Denman felt it was the business of every Christian to be an evangelist. It is most fitting that annual conferences today honor persons who carry out the spirit of Harry Denman.

The Denman Evangelism Award honors an IGRC United Methodist lay, youth lay and clergy person who exhibits unusual and outstanding efforts for work in Christian evangelism by faithfully carrying out the mission of "making disciples of Jesus Christ."

Year   Central Illinois Conference Southern Illinois Conference
1988 Clergy Dr. Ira Gallaway  
  Laity Dorala Parker  
1989 Clergy Rev. Danny Cox  Rev. William Fester
  Laity Kenneth Crawford Georgia Stroud
1990 Clergy Rev. Bill Malloy Rev. Robert Souders
  Laity LeRoy Powell Norman Edsen
1991 Clergy Rev. Jack Kaley Rev. Stephen Moore
  Laity Merlin Outcalt no recipient
1992 Clergy Rev. Paul Unger Rev. Edward Weston
  Laity Stuart Miller Betty Jean Shelton
1993 Clergy Rev. C. Don Ferrill Rev. Sylvester Weatherall
  Laity James Post Bob Sykes
1994 Clergy Rev. John Salzman Rev. Alan Milligan
  Laity no recipient Beulah Bowen
1995   Clergy Rev. Roger Ross Rev. Kenneth Dean
  Laity no recipient  Zola Carson
1996  Clergy Rev. Roger Rominger  Rev. Shane Bishop 
  Laity no recipient  Russell Scherer 

 Illinois Great Rivers Conference recipients

1997 Clergy Rev. George Morris
  Laity Kathryn McCumber
1998 Clergy Rev. Roger Perry
  Laity Dean Taylor
1999 Clergy Rev. Troy Benitone
  Laity Marjorie Shearer
2000 Clergy Rev. David Huff
  Laity Rodney Weber
2001 Clergy Rev. James Slone
  Laity Christa Steeves
2002 Clergy Rev. Adrian Garcia
  Laity Delmar Tegtimeier
2003 Clergy Rev. Debbie Melzer
  Laity Lisa Guilliams
2004 Clergy Rev. Don Long
  Laity John Moletti
2005 Clergy Rev. Tim Ferrill
  Laity Ruth Hart and Betty Hay (co-recipients)
2006 Clergy no recipient
  Laity Ellen McRell
  Youth Alex Thompson
2007 Clergy Rev. Sylvester Weatherall
  Laity Norma Kinder and Paul Ottmann (co-recipients)
  Youth Maren Lowrey
2008   Clergy    Rev. Ophilius McCoy
  Laity David O'Neall and Beth Leggitt (co-recipients)
  Youth Joshua Benitone and Allison Koch (co-recipients)
2009 Clergy Rev. Tom Goodell
  Laity Barbara Tuck 
  Youth no recipient
2010 Clergy Rev. Randall Perry
  Laity Gene and Joanne Newberry (Godfrey UMC)
  Youth no recipient
2011 Clergy no recipient
  Laity no recipient
  Youth no recipient
2012 Clergy Rev. Jeffrey Bealmear
  Laity Highland Hope UMC Emmaus 4th Day group
  Youth no recipient
2013 Clergy Rev. Lisa Guilliams
  Laity no recipient
  Youth no recipient
2014 Clergy Rev. Nancy Ribes
  Laity Jon and Robyn Clark (Fairview Heights Christ - Maryville campus)
  Youth no recipient
2015 Clergy Rev. Mike Rucker
  Laity CRAVE (young adult group, Rosewood Heights UMC)
  Youth no recipient
2016 Clergy Rev. Mike Crawford
  Laity Madeline Harrison, Canton Wesley UMC
  Youth Ean Fox, Kinmundy UMC
2017 Clergy Rev. Bradley Watkins II
  Laity Tom Hayes, Elmwood UMC
  Youth no recipient

Peter Cartwright Lifetime Evangelism Award

The Peter Cartwright Lifetime Evangelism Award of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference is awarded to someone who has exceptional leadership qualities to help our conference in making disciples of Jesus Christ. This person's lifetime example challenges pastors and lay people to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others.

Where the Denman Award is given for a period of work, the Peter Cartwright Lifetime Evangelism Award is given to a retired pastor who reflected this work throughout their ministry career.

2004 Rev. Miley Palmer
2005 Bishop William B. Lewis
2006 Rev. Vernie Barnett
2007 Rev. R. Paul Sims
2008 Rev. Nelson Reiber
2009 Rev. Merlin Schendel
2010 no recipient
2011 no recipient
2012 Rev. Dr. Donald Batz
2013 Rev. Eugene F. Black
2014 no recipient
2015 no recipient
2016 Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton
2017 no recipient


One Matters Award

The One Matters Award is a new award through Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church which recognizes churches and leaders who are turning things around in making disciples of Jesus Christ.
The award seeks to encourage churches to begin reversing the trend that saw more than 70 percent of UMC congregations in the United States not recording any baptisms for anyone age 13 or older in 2013; and 55 percent did not baptize anyone age 12 and under, according to the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA). In addition, 50 percent of local churches did not have any professions of faith that year. 

2015 Rev. Chris Ritter Geneseo First UMC
  Rev. Linda Vonck Midland UMC
2017 Rev. Ted Hartley Bethany UMC