Year-End Statistical Reports

Year-end statistical reports can be filed online by visiting:

The Username is the six digit GCFA number that has been assigned to your church. This number is found on the remittance reports that the treasurer and pastor receive from the Conference office.

The Password is just “password” (all small letters and no quotation marks). Once you enter the system, it will prompt you to change the password.

When you enter the EZRA website, the first screen asks you if you want to print the blank sheets. You can then print them off the website and give them to your volunteers. You can always go back to EZRA later and enter your data.

EZRA does not seem to work well with Microsoft Edge. If you are having problems, you might want to try another Internet Browser. Also, some people have reported issues with downloading .pdf files. There are instructions on the reports pages in EZRA about how to overcome this difficulty.

For additional information, download the guidelines for Ezra reports for 2020. 

Download Table Directions

Deadline for filing year-end reports is Feb. 28, 2021


File your Year-End Reports