Multiply Your Talents


The McLean UMC has spawned a program that other churches in the conference might like to copy with their own version.  The concept is simple.  Following the Parable of the Talents of multiplying what the Lord gives us found in Matthew 25 one of our families has made $1,000 available to members in the Atlanta, Ebenezer, McLean and Waynesville UMCs.  This $1,000 is to be given out in $50 "talents" that people apply for with a simple application.  The money is worked with until Sept. 1 at which time all talents and profits are returned to the church.  The profits are then donated to the Imagine No Malaria Campaign and the original "talent" is made available a new investment.

Below is the description of the program as we have created it and how we are running it.
MULTIPLY  YOUR  TALENTS  (Matthew 25:14-30)
An anonymous donor has made up to $1,000 in $50 “talents” for a total of 20 “talents”.  A talent was a measure of money in New Testament times.
The idea is that you would take a $50. talent and do something with it between March 1st and September 1st to make the money multiply.
If you work with wood, you might by wood and make something nice to sell.  I you like to bake you might make baked goods with the $50. and sell them.  Quilters and Card Makers this would be an opportunity to make and sell these items for an increase.  Craft people – use this to multiply the money.  Those who like to raise animals can do the same.  The possibilities are only limited by the limits of your imagination.
One opportunity for sales will be the Rt. 66 Garage Sales that will be held Friday and Saturday, May 13-14, 2011.
Where does the money go?  The profits are to go to the Imagine No Malaria project that our church is a part of.  The goal of Imagine No Malaria is to wipe out malaria as a disease on the continent of Africa by the year 2015.  Malaria currently infects 500 million people a year, 90% of them in Africa.  One child in Africa dies every 45 seconds from malaria, 1 in 5 children born in sub-Saharan Africa will die from malaria before their 5th birthday.  By the grace of God we can do something about this.
 How do I get a “talent” to invest?  Simply fill out a simple application with a brief description of how you hope or plan to make the “talent” multiply for the glory of God.  Turn you application in to the Pastor and a small committee will review it and ask questions if needed. 
The profits will be sent to Imagine No Malaria, the original “talent” returned to the church to be reinvested, or you may re-apply to invest it again for a new project.