Belleville Union to celebrate its sanctuary renovation


Belleville Union UMC will celebrate the completion of its sanctuary renovation May 1 at 2 p.m. 

The congregation has been worshipping in its McKinley Christian Center for the past three months and is ready to consecrate the revised space. The church’s music program will lead the special worship service. 
The decision to remodel the sanctuary was approved in 2010, along with the creation of new nursery space and a new gathering/welcoming area. The pipe organ has been digitalized, and a new digital sound system and new lighting has been installed at a cost of $1.4 million. 
The new secured nursery area features three large rooms: one each for infants; toddlers; and small children.   Parents will check in their children on line and know they are safe. 

In 1998, the Union UMC congregation, after prayerful study, made a major decision to stay in downtown Belleville, instead of fleeing to the outskirts. The church developed a long-range plan than included new offices, day care, fellowship hall, chapel, food pantry which was completed in 2004 with an addition to the McKinley Christian Center. By God working through the thankful hearts of our congregation, the church has already committed nearly $7 million in funds since 1998 to make the vision a reality—and they want everyone to share in the celebration of God’s leadership and faithfulness.