Quincy Union UMC conducts online Bible Study


QUINCY -- One of the constant complaints, excuses or alibis for not attending Bible Studies is that they don't meet at convenient times or places.

The Rev. Bob Morwell of Union UMC in Quincy, is trying to overcome that obstacle by offering a study that is available at any time, anywhere there is an internet connection.
Morwell has instituted a study of the Gospel According to Luke, entitled CyberBible 2.0, that is updated weekly and appears in episodes of ten minutes, or less, on You Tube.  Viewers also have the opportunity to post comments and questions, if they wish, so it is interactive.
For those who do not have an internet connection, but would like to view the CyberBible 2.0 videos, Morwell is also planning to transfer the episodes to DVD and make them available in on free discs.
The technology involved is quite simple.  A computer with a webcam is all that is needed.  Posting to You Tube is free and easy.  A typical American teenager can master the techonoly in no time.  Adults may need a little longer, but their kids can instruct them!
A number of churches already post worship services online, but fewer have undertaken Bible Studies. 
“Given the ease of both production and access involved, there is no reason that many other churches could not use this technology for teaching, as well as preaching,” Morwell said. “It would enable them to reach people with difficult schedules, shut-ins, and members who live a considerable distance from their home church.