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UMRC newsletter copy
UMRC newsletter copy

UMW Membership and Outreach Suggestions
Growing and adding new members to our units should be a responsibility and a desire of each member in the unit, not just the president or membership coordinator. According to the United Methodist Women 2009-2012 Handbook, page 3 "membership is open to any woman who indicates her desire to belong and to participate in the global mission of the church through United Methodist Women." On page 4 it reads "One becomes a member by committing to the PURPOSE." This download provides some ideas from ...

Understanding Pastoral Changes
The United Methodist system of itinerant ministry is rooted in John Wesley’s vision of spreading scriptural holiness across the land and utilizing both clergy and laity in the fulfillment of this mission. Itinerant ministry in the earliest days required pastors to travel continually on horseback around defined circuits, and then after a year or two be assigned to a different circuit.

United Methodist Women Crosstic
Each letter of United Methodist Women is used to spell out what UMW is about. Use as part of United Methodist Women Recognition Sunday on third Sunday in September or use separately for other occasions.

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