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Annual Conference

Change for Lay Members to Annual Conference
This form is used to report a change in a church's Lay Member to Annual Conference. This form is to be sent to the church's District Office for approval.

Corrected LI 206: Report of the Connectional Ministries Related Spending Plans
Correction to Report 206, 2020 Annual Conference legislation. This aligns the numbers in the spending plan with Legislative Item 103, the 2021 Conference Budget. The report is presented for explanation and does not impact consideration of the entire Conference budget.

IGRC Statistical Summary -- 2019
Commonly called the Pink Sheet, this details key statistical information for the Illinois Great Rivers Conference over a period of years.

Legislative Item 100: Standing Rules for Online Annual Conference
Proposed rules to enable the 2020 Annual Conference to be conducted online. 2/3 affirmative vote required.

Legislative Item 101: Amend By-Laws to Clarify Standing Rules for Online Annual Conference
Proposed change in IGRC by-laws to clarify meaning of the Standing Rules for online Annual Conference. A majority vote in the affirmaative will be needed to approve the change.

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