Downloadable Forms

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Board of Ordained Ministry

Application - License School for Local Pastors
This form is used by persons who plan to attend the License School for Local Pastors, supervised by the IGRC Board of Ordained Ministry.

Behavioral Health Guidelines
Guidelines for Conference Boards of Ordained Ministry in assessing effectiveness in ministry.

Checklist of Action Steps
A checklist of action steps for inquiring candidates moving from Inquiring Candidate to Certified Candidate.

Continuing Education Grant Form
Ordained clergy may use this form to request a grant for continuing educaiton.

Disclosure Form
Use this form, signed in front of a notary public, to attest that as a candidate for ministry, the candidate "has neither been accused in writing nor convicted of a felony, misdemeanor, any incident of sexual misconduct, or child abuse.” (¶310.2b.2).

Handbook for dCOM's
Handbook for District Committees on Ordained Ministry

How to Use UMCares
Step by step directions on setting up an account and updating it during candidacy.

IGRC BOM Policies Manual
Policies governing the IGRC Board of Ministry, updated May 2017.

Medical Form for the Physician
Individuals who desire to become United Methodist pastors require to undergo a physical exam. The purpose of the physical exam is two-fold.  First, it helps the individual know and care for his or her body.  The physical exam often helps individuals become aware for the first time of problems which need to be addressed.  Second, the physical identifies chronic or recurring health issues diseases which may interfere with the functions and performance of ministry.  While these disabilities and ...

Pasvogel Fund Application
Laypersons may use this form to apply for funds to further their faith development.

Requirements for Associate Membership
An overview of the process and requirements for persons seeking Associate Membership in the Annual Conference.

Requirements for Full Membership
Requirements outlining process for full membership for elders or deacons, effective 2021.

Seminary Education Grant Request
Use this form to make a seminary education grant request