Downloadable Forms

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Finance and Administration

Affordable Care Act Notification Mailing
A file with five documents regarding the Exchange Notice Requirement -- a new requirement of the Affordable Care Act which may directly affect your church and its employees. Included in the file: a cover letter, Summary of the Notice Requirement, Guidelines Summary to Complete the Form, a Sample Letter the church can send to its clergy and lay employees with the notice; and Quick Steps for the Exchange Notice Requirement. To view the packet, click on the hyperlink above. To download the packet, ...

BSA Facilities Use Agreement
In light of the General Church stance and the IGRC recommendations to the local church as represented in the letter provided to the IGRC by Bishop Palmer and Mike Potts Sept. 2, 2021 for BSA chartering options, here is a copy of the facility use agreement provided by the General Church.

BSA Voter Guide
Voter guide for churches that have filed a Proof of Claim in the Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy case.

Clergy Benefits and Costs for 2022
Important financial information for local church budget building for 2022

FAQ's about Medicare Supplement Change
Frequently Asked Questions about the IGRC Medicare Supplement Plan transitioning from HealthScope to UMR, effective May 1, 2022.

FSA Dependent Care Reimbursement Form
FSA Dependent Care Reimbursement Form

I-9 Letter from Conference Chancellor
Letter dated August 28, 2013, from Conference Chancellor John Kauerauf outlining a new procedure where pastors need to complete Form I-9's with their local churches. The I-9 form can be downloaded at: To view the letter, click the hyperlink above. To save the file to your computer, use the right-click button on your mouse, select "Save File As..." or "Save Target As..." and then designate where you want the file to be saved.

Year-End Report Table Directions
Help sheet for completing the year-end reports for local church online at: