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Imagine No Malaria downloads

Impact 100 Power Point presentation
Power Point presentation for use with Impact 100

Impact 100 Request Letter
Request Letter for Impact 100 component of Imagine No Malaria campaign

Impact 100 Sample Invitation
Sample invitation for Impact 100 component of Imagine No Malaria.

Impact 100 Speaking Points
Speaking Points for the Impact 100 component of Imagine No Malaria

Impact 100: Making the Ask
Document on Making the Ask of Impact 100 component of Imagine No Malaria

INM Comprehensive Impact Report Statistics
Statistical information that supplements the Comprehensive Impact Report, published July 2017.

Local Church Guide for Sunday to Save Lives
15 page PDF to assist in preparing for a local church Sunday to Save Lives observance.

Love Provider Example Goals
Chart showing the suggested number of persons needed to join Impact 100 based upon average worship attendance.

Malaria Facts
Fact sheet on Malaria

Malaria Skit Script
Script for a skit raising awareness about Imagine No Malaria

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