God-Stories from Camp

"I saw God at work this summer through our corporate worship and the commitment that many campers made to Jesus Christ. Almost nightly, after every worship service, I heard and saw campers asking the chaplains and their counselors questions about God, asking everything from, “What is the difference between Jesus and God?” to “Is God really present with me when I fall asleep?” The point being, kids at camp were thinking seriously about who God is and what God is up too... I can personally say that many lives will never be the same."

"M was a camper who showed up at camp extremely angry, because his mom forced him to come to camp, and he simply did not believe in God. However, after only a couple of days, M dedicated his life to Jesus Christ and subsequently his whole personality changed. At the end of the week, M decided that he would like to come back and be a volunteer, which he did for three more weeks with great enthusiasm and tenacity. It is my great joy to report that M’s mother wept nearly every time she dropped him off on Sunday afternoons, saying, 'I do not know what happened to my son, but thank you, thank you, thank you.'”

"I observed a situation where campers were struggling with how to relate to a boy who clearly had some behavior issues, among them bullying. When the boy wasn’t bullying, he was “exiling” himself to his tree house. In the midst of their frustration, campers spoke compassionately and hopefully of the boy and the possibilities that the camp would be helpful to him."

"I was reminded that my relationship with Christ needs to be #1."

"I learned to listen to God in a new and deeper way. I learned to trust in God’s grace."